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PUPDATE: Cali’s Tearful Reunion With The Family She’s Missed For Two Years

by Amy Drew

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On May 23, we told you about Cali, the Rhodesian ridgeback who in May 2015 was stolen from the yard of her Long Island, NY, home.

She had been found by a concerned citizen at a New Jersey rest stop, bleeding, underweight and in need of veterinary care. She ended up in the care of Broken Promises Sanctuary, an organization that helps and houses abused and unwanted animals. Upon examination it was discovered that Cali had cancer; her outlook was not great.

The good news, however, was that it was discovered she had a family who had been missing her for two long years. The di Bartolos had since moved to North Carolina but they were delighted to hear that Cali was alive. And they were more than happy to make the trip to New Jersey and bring her home.

Doctors have given Cali about 18 months. The di Bartolos intend to fill each of Cali’s days with love.

“I told [the sanctuary], even if it’s for one hour, a day, 10 years, whatever it is, I want my dog back,” Brittney di Bartolo told WABC.

This past Sunday, Cali and her family were reunited and as you will see in the clip, she seems to remember the family she lost. It’s tears and hugs and cute kids getting dog kisses all around.

If you would like to help cover Cali’s extensive medical costs, Broken Promises Sanctuary has set up a GoFundMe page for the canine’s care.