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PUPDATE: Picasso Has Successful Dental Surgery!

by Fred

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3.24.17 PicassoUpdate1


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Some of you may remember our story about Picasso.  He was born with a rare mouth deformity, and was almost euthanized because of it.  He was saved, and now, the people helping him out have taken things one step farther to making life a little easier for him.  He’s had successful dental surgery to help correct his condition, and is doing very nicely.

According to Picasso’s vet and owner of the Edgewood Animal Clinic, Jason Kimball said that Picasso’s jaw was twisted at birth, and was causing his teeth to dig into the lower part of his mouth.  As one could imagine, this was quite painful for the adorable pup.


3.24.17 PicassoUpdate2


Thanks to community donations, the shelter in Eugene, Oregon was able to get corrective surgery for Picasso.  With this surgery, the discomfort he was feeling from the teeth digging in should be taken care of.  It’s now thought that Picasso will recover fully, and have a healthy, happy and normal life.

Picasso and his brother are with Luvable Dog Rescue for now, while Picasso recovers.  Executive Director of Luvable Dog Rescue, Liesl Wilhardt, said, “We had some wonderful offers from doctors actually around the world offering to do this procedure for Picasso, but since we think it is a fairly straight forward procedure and we love our local vet, we thought we’d like to keep him near home to have this done.”

Once fully ready to go, Luvable plans to try to keep Picasso and his brother local as well.  Hopefully, they’ll find someone willing to take in both of them, and be able to keep them in their home town.  If you’d like more information on Luvable Dog Rescue or Picasso and his brother, you can click here for more.


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