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PUPDATE! Special Needs Dog Finds His 11th Hour Angel

by Amy Drew

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Photos: Destiny for Dogs --------------------------------------
Photos: Destiny for Dogs

For those of you wondering what had become of Joey, the little South Florida dog we posted about last month, there’s great news to report: he has found a human!

Joey was a special needs case brought to our attention by our friends at Destiny for Dogs. He suffers from a chemical imbalance that prevents him from living at a shelter or boarding facility. And he cannot be homed with other dogs. Although rescuers had been able to get him into a regular routine with a behaviorist to work on his issues, finding him a suitable home has been extra challenging. Volunteers were afraid that Joey would have to be euthanized.

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Enter Sonji, Joey’s angel!

“The first week was a little rocky…” Beth Zimmerman, executive director of Pets for Patriots told us, “but she is totally committed to him and loved him to bits the first time she met him….” Her nonprofit was on board to help their partners in rescue find Joey a home, as well.

Zimmerman noted that this adjustment period, due to Joey’s behaviors, is entirely expected.

“Joey still won’t let Sonji pet him; that’s all part of working through his canine autism, from what we understand. The poor guy has been in so many homes in his short life he probably doesn’t know what’s going on just yet. But we hear that he follows Sonji everywhere and even sleeps in her bed!”

All those involved in Joey’s rescue are grateful for the many people who offered to adopt, share, transport, fund or otherwise support Joey on his journey.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled that Joey has found a home and human of his own,” said Zimmerman, “and we hope that his plight encourages other would-be adopters to open their hearts to a pet who may be overlooked due to age, disability or special needs. At the same time we hope Joey’s tale is an inspiration to the many good people who work in animal shelters everywhere to never give up hope that the most adoption-challenged animals in their care might find a loving home.”