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PUPDATE! Woman Who Abandoned Henry, Dog with 42-Pound Tumor, Charged with Animal Cruelty

by Amy Drew

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Earlier this year, we reported about Henry, a beautiful, 7-year-old golden retriever who was found wandering alone on the sands of Newport Beach, CA. The poor boy held onto his sweet retriever nature despite being saddled with a massive, 42-pound tumor on his right side.

At least, this is what the woman found to be his owner claimed when she left him at an area veterinary hospital and then never returned. She has since been charged with various counts of animal cruelty.

The tumor nearly doubled poor Henry’s weight, making it very difficult for him to walk or go to the bathroom.

Thankfully, officers at Newport Beach Animal Control saw to it that Henry received the surgery he so desperately needed. Post-op, Henry has made a nice recovery; his surgery was covered by donations.

Henry, back in May. Donations covered the surgery to remove his massive tumor.
Henry, back in May. Donations covered the surgery to remove his massive tumor.


He recently appeared alongside members of the Orange County District Attorney’s office at a press conference, where charges against Sherri Haughton, Henry’s former owner, were announced. Among them, misdemeanor counts of animal neglect, failure to care for an animal, animal abuse causing life-threatening injuries and interfering with Newport Beach animal control officers’ investigation.

KTLA reported that Jennifer Malone of the DA’s office said that in giving false information to the animal hospital, Haughton delayed the investigation into who had abandoned the dog and delayed the animal’s crucial treatment.

She added that evidence showed Haughton had taken her dog to the vet and upon receiving information about his condition, did not obtain treatment for the pet.

Haughton was not arrested, but is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 13. She faces up to two years in Orange County jail.

Henry has been placed with a foster family and is receiving ongoing treatment.

“He’s a happy dog now that he’s received the treatment that he needs,” said Nick Ott, a Newport Beach animal control officer.

Officials at the news conference stressed that there are ways owners in tight financial situations can still care for their pets, including turning it over to animal services. The Orange County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals offers assistance for those who can’t afford animal treatment and residents can donate to the city to help care for pets that go into the custody of animal services.