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Puppy Abandoned in Las Vegas Soon to have new Home

by Melanie

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5.20.14 - Puppy Abandoned in Las Vegas Soon to have new home

One very lucky puppy, found on the streets of Las Vegas after being dumped from an SUV is going to have a new forever home with a new forever family.

Surveillance video from a home near where the dog was dumped off shows an SUV driver dumping the dog, then driving away.  Lucky for this dog, it happened to be right near a home with active outdoor cameras that caught almost the whole thing.

Graci, who is a mixed breed lab, can be seen following the SUV as it drives away, looking very confused as to what’s going on.

“Graci seemed like she was saying, ‘Please, give me another chance!’  I can’t believe somebody could do that,” said Toni Luisi.  Luisi woke up around 5:30am to let her own dogs out, and Graci was just sitting at her front gate on May 4th.  Being the dog lover Luisi is, she set about trying to find the dogs owners.  She even made a special email address, [email protected].  Luisi hopes that if the owners or those responsible for dumping Graci can’t be found, a new loving forever home can be.

There has been quite an uproar amongst online dog lovers whom have seen the video of Graci being left.  Luisi’s email inbox has been slammed by a barrage of upset dog lovers doing everything from expressing their anger over what they’ve seen, or offering to adopt the dog and provide her with a loving home.

“We brought her immediately to the vet to see if she was chipped,” said Luisi.

Graci was given a clean bill of health by vets.  She weighs about 38 pounds, and is estimated to be around six-months-old.  She had no chip implanted, nor was she wearing a collar with ID tags on it.  Luisi nicknamed her Graci as a shorter version of “for the grace of God.”

Curious about exactly what had happened to Graci, Luisi checked her home security systems cameras.  She quickly realized the previous owners wanted nothing to do with her.  On the video, an SUV can be seen slowing down in front of Luisi’s home, Graci comes out of the car, then the SUV speeds away.  No license plates can be seen on the video.

“With all of the people emailing, it’s not going to be easy to choose a new home for her.  But one of the emails was from a woman who said her son is a cancer survivor and he would love Graci as his pet.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I’m going to call her,” said Luisi.  “That got my heart.”

In Las Vegas, dog abandonment is a misdemeanor and carries a hefty fine.

“After we find her a home, I hope we can find these people,” Luisi said.  “I want them to get retribution and pay the fine.”