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Puppy Almost Drowns in Well

by Katherine

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Not all homeless animals get the help they need, but it warms out hearts to know that organizations across the world are willing to do anything they can to help save a helpless animal.

In India, Animal Aid Unlimited (AAU) did just that when they heard of a puppy drowning in a well.



AAU rescuer Ganpat, rushed over to the well, and along the help of other volunteers and locals, they rescued and saved this young dog’s life.

Using a rope, Ganpat was lowered into the well to retrieve the dog. Once he had the canine safe in his hands, his fellow hero rescuers hoisted him and the dog out of the well. They then drove the puppy to the shelter where he was checked and is now being cared for.

The puppy at the shelter after it was rescued.
The puppy at the shelter after it was rescued.


Ganpat, AAU, and all others involved in this rescue are true heroes!

If you would like to learn more about Animal Aid Unlimited, visit their website or Facebook page.