Puppy Found in Dumpster is Adopted

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Winnipeg Animal Services Officers rescued a puppy left in a dumpster in the 1000 block of Jefferson Avenue. ‘Rayne’, the puppy, is recovering in the care of Animal Services Agency and is said to be well enough to go to a new home.

Leland Gordon, chief operating officer of the city’s Animal Services Agency, said the eight-week-old shepherd-collie mix is now available for adoption. He reminds those relinquishing pets to drop them off at shelters.

“Don’t throw the dog in a dumpster, especially a puppy. It’s not that hard to find a home for a cute little puppy. Pets are not disposable. When you get a pet, it’s your responsibility to take care of that pet.”

Anyone with information regarding the dog’s previous owner is asked to call 311. To view Rayne’s information, and a list of other dogs available for adoption, go to www.winnipeg.ca/cms/animal.

Update: (6/14/12): We have received your messages of concern, but if you were one of the dozens of readers who inquired about adopting the forsaken pup, you are out of luck:  Winnipeg Animal Services said today that Rayne has found a new home. Thank you for sharing – and caring.

129 thoughts on “Puppy Found in Dumpster is Adopted”

    • You said it, Rene. It takes a sick bastard to treat a tiny animal in that kind of situation. These people have no heart and no soul. I hope someday they rot in Hell.

    • An American. America itself is collectively sick beyond repair. Only by taking the law into our own hands and treating these people “eye for and eye” will they learn that they cannot get away with such horrible things. If you ever catch someone abusing an animal, beat the ever living shit out of them and tell them why they are one inch from death. I promise you they will never abuse another animal again.

  1. This reminds me of the seven 3 week old puppies I fostered. Someone did the same thing with them. So sad, but good there was a happy ending!

  2. What a heartless bastard could do this does not deserve to live!!! If you’re out there reading this and you are the one responsible for doing this, then you really should consider killing yourself you lousy piece of shit!!!! I curse you with bad luck in your life!!!

  3. OMG….I can’t even imagine what would drive a dispicable p.o.s. to do this….what a heart wrenching picture….may you find a loving forever home swetheart..xoxo


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