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Puppy gets a new home with the people who rescued him from a manhole


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A puppy was trapped in a manhole when a family walking their dog came to his aid. Now the puppy has a new home with his rescuers.

Kristin Moore and her mom were walking their dog Sunday afternoon when they heard a puppy crying for help. The puppy had fallen into an uncovered manhole. Unfortunately the manhole had too much brush and stuff around it for the Moore and her mother to reach the puppy so they called the fire department for help.

Firefighters arrived on the scene and trimmed back the obstructing brush. They then used a ladder to climb down into the manhole and bring the relieved puppy to safety. The firefighters gave him some air and water and the puppy seemed to be doing well. Moore and her mother knew instantly that they wanted to keep the puppy, who they’ve decided to name Super Bowl.