Puppy Left to Die as a Newborn Now Fighting to Keep Her Hind Legs

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8.5.16 - Box1


This plea comes from Viktor, a friend and fellow dog rescuer from Hungary.  As you likely know, animal welfare is not a huge priority for many people in eastern Europe.  Unwanted dogs are left to die, and strays are often objects of fun for psychopaths who enjoy tormenting animals in the most brutal ways imaginable.

But there are still good, kind individuals who do everything they can to help animals in need.  While there are of course dogs here in the US that need care, the need for assistance is often much more dire in other countries because, in addition to there being so few people who care enough to help, resources can be scarce.

Viktor does not have the means to do much but give love.  So when he found a little dog who had been left to freeze to death, he brought her home and revitalized her.  But then she suffered a horrible injury, and he has no way to treat her.

Viktor has written this story from her point of view (with some minor editing for the translation to make more sense):

Hi, my name is Box.  When I was born, someone left me on the street.  Two of my brothers died next to me and I was dying slowly, but one man found me, took me to his home and fed me with a bottle. He gave me all the love of the world… I was not purebred dog but my best friend was not interested on that, he loved me.

When I was little I had my yard, I had my owner, I was happy, I loved my life, and I loved all the people in the world.  One day I was left alone for a few hours and I dug a hole under the fence and ran away from the yard. I made a mistake. I wandered for days, weeks, months…. alone and without friends.


8.5.16 - Box3


I thought that all people in this world are good but I was wrong and I was alone, hungry, and scared. I was nobody and nothing. One day something hit me – I fell to the ground, and I could not get up.  Everyone was passing by me, and for the second time in my life I was dying alone in this cruel world.

I searched for my best friend but he was not next to me. He was somewhere alone and sad. I wanted his hug, his kind words, but… I was alone. I dragged my body with my front legs for hours, and I came to the house of one woman.   I lay there all day.  She saw me and called some people; two women came, and even though I was bleeding they took me, put me in their car, and took me to the vet.  They found some chip under my skin and they said that they have information about my best friend.

After a few minutes my best friend came; I wanted to jump for joy but I could not. I did not feel my legs, and my best friend was crying.  I licked his hand as he spoke about something with veterinarian. He took me to our house for the second time. I’m home again, I am happy, but my best friend is worried.  I hear that I need to have surgery, a wheelchair, special treatment… it is possible that I will not have all four legs anymore. I heard that it is very expensive, and I know that my best friend does not have that money and he wants me to live. This is my story, my life. I would like to thank to all of you who love us, we cannot live without you, dear animal lovers.

If you can spare anything to help Viktor get medical care for Box, please CLICK HERE.  Every dollar counts!


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