Puppy Loves the Air Conditioning

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When dogs are hot they usually pant, move to a shaded area, lay on cold tile, or drink some water. This cute puppy does something else, he moves to an air vent and falls asleep on top of it.

25 thoughts on “Puppy Loves the Air Conditioning”

  1. If your dog seems overheated, constantly panting and searching for cool surfaces for which to lie on, taking advantage of cool air coming from floor vents, rolling excessively in snow, consider there may be a health problem, if the outdoor and indoor temperatures do not warrant that ongoing behavior. Seek medical attention for your pet. They could have a fever due to an infection, or in our case, my Poodle exhibited this type of behavior and was diagnosed with an endocrine disorder called Cushing’s Disease. Another endocrine disorder that can display these symptoms is Hyperthyroidism. My dog went undiagnosed for a long time. I was uneducated believing she was just hot.


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