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Puppy Mill Cocker Spaniel Rescue is Undergoes Remarkable Transformation

by Adrea

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Joel was rescued from a puppy mill by National Dog Mill Rescue and went through this amazing transformation. One need only look at him to see how neglected he has been, his coat matted and filthy. He is but one example of the many animals out there that are a sad product of the puppy mill system.

At the start of this video, Theresa Strader, NMDR’s Founder and Executive Director, states to the interviewing reporter there are two take-aways she hopes people will remember. First, to never make a holiday gift of a puppy. It is a long-time commitment and too often cute puppies are sent to shelters when the recipient loses interest. Pets are not disposable. Choosing a family pet requires some careful thought, consideration, and willingness to accept the responsibilities pet ownership requires.  Second, is to not buy puppies, or any animal, over the Internet. There is no regulation for interstate commerce and purchasing in this way supports puppy mills like those from which Joel was taken.

For more information on the good work the National Mill Dog Rescue does, please visit  their website and Facebook page.