Puppy Mill Raid in Jackson County, West Virginia

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10.2.14 - Puppy Mill Raid in Jackson County

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in West Virginia is reporting that at least 135 dogs were successfully removed from a home on Route 21 in Sandyville.

Law enforcement officials were tipped off by a man that entered the property to purchase a puppy from the couple that lived there.  The man reported the horrific conditions in the home immediately upon leaving to the Humane Society of Jackson County.  The Sheriff’s Department was then brought in to help in the investigation.

When officials arrived on the scene they reported seeing the dogs living in filth.  They was moldy dog food all over the floor, and the smell of the urine and feces was overwhelming.  The dogs were in a terrible state themselves.  Many were caked in feces, and had various other health issues such as eye and ear infections.

A veterinarian on the scene commented that all of the dogs were small breeds like malteses, pugs and many others.

The owner of the home refused to comment to any reporters.  So far, she hasn’t been formally charged with anything.  However, law enforcement officials confirm that it is simply a matter of time until she is.  Hopefully, charges are filed as soon as possible, so the dogs are not returned to the owner and the property they had been living in.

Anyone wishing to help these poor dogs out can drop by the Humane Society of Jackson County.  They are located in Cottageville.  You can also call 304-372-6064.  More information to come as it’s reported.

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