Puppy Plays with Stuffed Toy

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Not all pups are willing to play with stuffed animals without shredding them to pieces, but this puppy just loves to gently play with his stuffed toy.

28 thoughts on “Puppy Plays with Stuffed Toy”

  1. My one year old GSD boy destroys a soft toy in 30 minutes. I usually buy him ones with a squeaker he loves them! Once he’s found where inside it is he’ll squeak it until it breaks. So cute to watch!!

  2. My Springer puppy CC, went through 3 or 4 until she got her “baby “. She’d run to get it anytime anyone came in the house. She had it for 15 years. I found one just like it but cleaner but it wasn’t the same and she never took to it. I still have baby, next to CC’s ashes.

  3. My dog is the same way. She does not chew up her toys. She is 4 and a half and still has toys she had as a puppy. The only thing she tends to do is bury the odd one in the garden in the spring. Then she digs them up in the fall. So far she has tried to grow a Bobo and a Hedgehog. The hedgehog she buried with just its face showing.


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