Puppy Shows Older Dog HE Owns Food Bowl

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This little guy certainly feels he up for taking on his older sibling.  This is his food, in his food dish and no one is going to tell him otherwise!  Such bravery!

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  1. please dont feed your dogs and cats Kibble…please..they are Carnivore Mammals…and have lived and existed way before Kibble…look at their teeth and you will know what they need to be eating ..

  2. Glad that I’m not the only killjoy here. The video shows serious resource guarding by a very young pup. This needs to be addressed through behavior modification before it becomes a major issue. Behavior problems are a primary cause of death for young dogs, typically through euthanasia.

    FYI, adult dogs often give young pups a “puppy pass” and tolerate outlandish behavior from them. By the time this pup hits 3 or 4 months old, the adult dog may very well not tolerate this sort of behavior.

  3. I don’t think this should be promoted by “Life with dogs” as funny but as an example of very bad food aggression behavior or resource guarding. It’s easy to teach a puupy good behavior because they are like little sponges and want to please. Shame on “Life with dogs” for poor judgement and not seizing this occasion to educate dog owners.

  4. I just gave my head a shake and still think it’s funny ! It’s only a few seconds video. Do not foresee what the owner is going to make or not!


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