Puppy Survives After Being Tied to Railroad Tracks

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Puppy survives terrifying ordeal of being tied to railroad tracks.

A CSX bridge employee found several dead dogs tied to the railroad tracks in a secluded area of the Tremont neighborhood in Cleveland, OH. He then saw a man tying yet another dog to the tracks and the man appeared to be videotaping the dog as the train barrelled down the tracks. The puppy survived by ducking and squirming away from the train.

The investigation into this horrific act of animal cruelty is being headed up by Lt Mark Ketterer. Lt Ketterer said the bridge worker immediately called the police, scooped up the frightened puppy, and headed to the Cleveland Kennel to be evaluated. The puppy was not hurt physically and transferred to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter in Valley View.

“It’s got everyone upset over here that someone would do that. It’s awful that someone did that to torture animals, and might be filming it,” Lt Ketterer said. People who commit such heinous acts against animals have no problem committing tortuous acts against people and is a danger to society.

Good news: The puppy is doing great, is available for adoption, all thanks to a compassionate, heroic bridge worker.

Update: Police are now saying they are unsure if the dogs were actually tied u or if his leash got caught, and whether there were any other dogs involved.

Lesley DeSouza, manager at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter, hopes that the details of what really happened are sorted out soon.