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Puppy With Burned Face Is Rescued and Doing Great In the Care of a Loving Foster Family

by Fred

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Last week, a sweet little puppy, now called Dudley, wandered onto a Lenoir County, North Carolina property with another dog, and it was just in the nick of time.  The poor pup had burns all over his face, and the property owners could see he immediately needed help so they wasted no time at all getting the authorities involved.

Animal services got Pawfect Match Rescue and Rehabilitation in for a rescue, and they made sure his medical needs were tended to.  He was cleaned put and put on antibiotic cream for the burns on his face.  In just a short life, he’s already been through so much, but has it dampened this little guy’s spirit?  Not in the slightest.

“Loves to play with toys, loves other dogs.  It’s great,” said Dave Walters with Pawfect Match.  “His eyes checked out perfectly OK, which we’re thrilled about.  He can see perfectly well, there’s no scarring.”

In fact according to his foster parents, Bruce Pait and his girlfriend, Dudley is a happy, and pretty normal puppy!  He seems to be generally happy and is beyond happy to interact with anyone that will play with him.  He is hitting all of the mile stones a puppy is supposed to be hitting, so whatever pain he is in or has been subject to, he isn’t showing it.

“When you first get a dog like this, you wonder what shape he’s going to be in, not just physically, but emotionally,” said Pait.  He thinks the indomitable little guy is just great!  “There’s this saying in the rescue world, ‘who rescues who,’ that he gets the opportunity to rescue someone right back.”

If you would like more information on Dudley or Pawfect Match Rescue and Rehabilitation, you can click here for their Facebook page, or click here for their website.