Puppy With Chickens for Siblings Is Determined to Be One of the Gang

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When you’re little you want to be just like your older brothers and sisters and always want to hang out with them.  They think you’re just an annoying little pest and can’t be bothered, but you’re hell-bent on making them like you.  Apparently it’s no different for a little puppy and her chagrined chicken sisters, but deep in Finn’s heart, she knows that someday they’ll accept her.




Life in SoCal is good for these gals – they’re part of a proper family, and are fed grains and melons and all sorts of lovely things.  Not many people know this, but chickens are full of personality, and Parker, Olive, Hawke, Finch, Copper, and Charlie are always ready to show that off.




“It’s crazy and definitely not something you expect from chickens,” Kate Kadowaki told The Dodo. “They’re all so different and I appreciate and love that about them.”

They love snuggling up with their mom, and love to play with the kids next store.  Copper particularly looks forward to their visits.




“They talk to her all the time and give her treats,” Kate said.

But she and her husband felt their family wasn’t quite complete, and they jumped at the chance to adopt one of their neighbor’s tri Australian shepherd puppies.  So in came Finn.




“Everything just fell into place,” Kate explained.  “We were so thrilled about it. Finn is the best dog I could’ve ever hoped for.”




She’s smart and easily trained.  At 11 weeks, she had already learned the commands sit, stay, come, and lay down – voice and hand signals.  But what she hasn’t learned yet is how to get the hens to like her.

“The chickens at first were suspicious, but they came right up to the fence and tried talking to Finn, who was like, ‘I have no idea what you’re saying.’”




Fortunately, Finn is good at making other friends.  Her family has kept her separated from the chickens so she doesn’t get pecked, and for the most part, the girls just ignore her.  But Finn, friendly and curious puppy that she is, won’t take “no” for an answer.

“She tries to play with them through the fence,” Kate said.  “Charlie is never amused by that and just walks away.”




While the chickens don’t currently have any plans to let Finn be a part of the gang, the pup seems to be sure that someday they’ll change their minds.

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Finn practicing her swing for her next tee-ball game. ?⚾️

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