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Puppychino: Delhi’s First Doggie Cafe Opens for Business

by Amy Drew

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The perception of street dogs in India isn’t a good one, Malika Tandon told Mashable. It was one of the reasons she and partner/sister Naini decided to open a restaurant where customers could bring their dogs to play and socialize.

Puppychino, Delhi’s first-ever eatery of the sort, welcomes dog owners and their furry friends. Dogs are permitted to be off-leash and the menu caters to both human and canine. An on-staff trainer aids in supervising the play and making sure things stay positive and safe.

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The owners’ dogs – Bobo, a lab, and Simba, a husky – will be on-site pooch hosts on a daily basis. The Tandon sisters expressed a sadness at leaving their dogs behind whenever they were out for meals.

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“Through the venture,” said Malika, “we want to send the message that [dogs] are living beings and they deserve to be treated well.”

The café’s menu will feature loads of dog-healthy treats and a dedicated off-leash play space. It will also stock collars, leashes, grooming supplies and food. The sisters hope to add adoption options to their services at some point in the future.

They hope that dog lovers – even those without pets – will stop in and enjoy the company of man’s best friend.
“If you always wanted a dog since you were a child and your parents didn’t allow you to have a pet, you can come here and enjoy the love.”