Puppy’s Life Saved When Mentally Unstable Man Surrenders Pet

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On Saturday, Nov. 21, 2014, Chicago-based animal rescue organization Trio Animal Foundation (TAF) was called to rescue a black Labrador puppy that had been surrendered by a mentally unstable man. The man feared he was going to kill the pup, but before he did something he would later regret, he reached out for help.

According to a Facebook post on TAF’s page, the man arrived at a local emergency room with the dog and told nurses he was afraid he would kill the dog because the pet wouldn’t stop crying. The man was admitted to the hospital and the nurses contacted area rescue groups to get the dog some help.

Cranberry. Photo Credit: Trio Animal Foundation.
Cranberry. Photo Credit: Trio Animal Foundation.


TAF stepped up to rescue the pup, now named Cranberry, and had the dog checked by a veterinarian. X-rays showed the puppy had her front right leg broken and one of her hind legs has soft tissue trauma. This severe injury had Cranberry crying non-stop.

The puppy requires surgery to fix her broken leg. She is currently comfortable thanks to a splint placed on her leg and pain medications prescribed by her vets. Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday.

“The orthopedic surgeon TAF works with has evaluated the set of x-rays taken of Cranberry’s broken leg  [and] believes the best way to treat her fractured radius and ulna (arm bones) is to set the broken bones with metal plates,” posted TAF. “Because she is so young and so small, and growing rapidly, the hope is that the bones will be stabilized and the fractured areas will fill in with new growth quickly. We want to be sure we do the absolute best thing possible so that Cranberry develops normally and never experiences pain.”

The puppy’s surgery is expected to cost over $3,000 and TAF is reaching out to the community to help pay for this young dog’s medical costs.

Anyone interested in helping Cranberry can make a tax-deductible donation at www.trioanimalfoundation.org.