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by Lilly

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Have you noticed that your dog has started to overeat or have separation anxiety when you leave them alone? This is often because indoor and city living dogs require a special diet to help them get the nutrition that they need (i.e., food sensitivities). This is especially true if they spend a lot of time indoors or in small apartment spaces.

If you’re looking for the best dog food to feed to your indoor dog regardless if you live in the city or not, look no further than PureLUXE.

About PureLUXE

PureLUXE is made with a farm fresh flavor and combines a special blend of locally sourced and hand-selected nutrients. This dog food uses holistic and targeted nutrition to meet the needs of “citi-fied” dogs – dogs that are used to living in the city – and the concerns of their owners.

PureLUXE considers citi-fied dogs to be the modern dog, and describes as:

  • A dog who lives in an urban environment
  • Subjected to limited yard space
  • Have reduced opportunities to use the bathroom during the day
  • Experiences separation anxiety and eats out of boredom
  • Is exposed to indoor pollution that is unseen to both pet and parent
  • Runs and often walks on concrete sidewalks and paths
  • At risk of becoming overweight
  • Has a pet parent who treats them like family
  • Often experiences excessive gas or bad breath

City life often means that there are limited opportunities for dogs to have the space to play and run. This limitation can lead to other problems, for example eating out of boredom, which leads to obesity. With these concerns in mind, PureLUXE has created a line of grain-free dry dog foods made with the finest ingredients available to provide your dog sustainable energy, healthy skin, a shiny coat, and immune support.


PureLUXE food is low glycemic, grain-free, and avoids gluten – all of which are allergens and sensitivities that dogs can have. They specifically avoid using a chicken meal, instead opting to use fresh lamb, salmon, and turkey along with using double the amount of omega fatty acids, cranberries, coconut oil, L-carnitine, kelp, taurine, and active probiotics. All of this is done to increase the nutritional value of their dog food to ensure that your dog is healthy and happy.


The PureLUXE brand has a level of transparency that hasn’t been seen in dog food before. Why is this? Because owners can use the date code from each package of dog food and enter it on their website to access detailed data on a per formula basis. The PureLUXE transparency portal also gives dog owners verification results that list all of the key ingredient percentages for each formula and allows them to download test results from third-party labs. All of this is done to allow customers to have on-demand information and third-party verification that all of the claims made by the PureLUXE brand are true.


You’ll start to notice that by feeding your dog PureLUXE your dog’s eyes, nails, coat/fur, stool, and skin are all healthy. You might also notice that feeding your dog this food can lead to reduced anxiety and stress, especially if you live in the city (i.e., anxiety with loud noises).

Product Line

PureLUXE features six specifically formulated diets in their product line, including:

  • Turkey Formula. This is a nutritionally satisfying and great tasting diet for adult dogs. It helps keep them in peak condition, whether they are jogging with you or lounging on the sofa.
  • Lamb and Chickpeas Formula. This food is designed for dogs that have sensitivities to specific proteins and glutens. It is a hypo-allergenic formula and is perfect for dogs who do well on a lamb-based diet but can’t handle chicken, soy, beef, or corn.
  • Salmon and Split Pea Formula. This is a perfect alternative to chicken, beef, and lamb-based diets while still maintaining all of the same nutrition as the other adult formulas.
  • Healthy Weight with Turkey, Salmon, & Lentils. This is designed for senior, less active or overweight dogs. It is calorie focused and will support the nutritional needs of a dog while still being tasty.
  • Small Breed Formula. Designed to offer mini kibble, it is made with turkey, split peas, and salmon which is supposed to fit the specific needs of smaller framed dogs.

All of these formulas on PureLUXE’s product line feature a grain-free healthy diet with superior ingredients which help your dog’s specific needs and requirements as an indoor dog.

Recall History

PureLUXE is a newer brand of luxury dog food, so they don’t have any recalls. Which is a great sign for dog owners that PureLUXE is a reliable source of nutrition for your beloved dog.


  • Designed to match the nutritional needs of indoor or citi-fied dogs
  • Features a grain-free diet in all of their formulas and uses superior ingredients in all of their recipes
  • Has six different formulas to match your dog’s specific needs based on weight, breed size, and life stage
  • There have been no recalls for this brand so far, so you’ll feel reassured when giving your dog this food
  • You’ll be able to see the benefits of PureLUXE by looking at your dog’s eyes, fur/coat, nails, and skin


  • This food is on the pricier side and can range about $75 for a 24 lb. bag of food
  • It is designed to work best for citi-fied, indoor dogs
  • Is such a new product that it can be hard to find online and in stores

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been struggling to find the best food for your indoor, city living dog look no further than PureLUXE. It features the kind of diet that you crave to give to your dog, including grain-free and formulas that avoid allergens and sensitivities. They have six different formulas to best fit your dog’s needs (i.e., small breed or senior dogs) so you don’t have to worry about buying something that is going to upset them.

You no longer have to worry that your dog isn’t getting the nutrition he needs. Feeding your dog PureLUXE takes away that guessing game and ensures that your dog is in better health than they have ever been before. Plus, you’ll be able to help separation and generalized anxiety by feeding them something they enjoy.