Purses Made from Groomed Dog Hair?

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9.10.14 - Purses Made from Groomed Dog Hair

In Tampa, Florida an entrepreneur is making high fashion, high end purses and handbags from groomed dog hair.  She is hoping to raise enough money to turn this idea, into a full time business.

“It’s one of a kind,” said Doris Carvalho of Tampa.  Using the popular social funding webpage Kickstarter, she’s created a page with the goal of raising $15,000 to get the dog hair purse collection on the market.  It would give her enough funding to finish her first line of 30 purses, and help her market them.

“I turned this groomed dog (hair) that would be garbage anywhere else in the world into these handbags,” said Doris.  “These handbags prove that high-end can be made from eco-friendly from your pet to you.”

Doris said the fur used is first sterilized before being turned into a yarn like material.  The time it takes to put one of these together is about 50 hours.  She’s hoping that the purses and handbags will sell for around $1,000 to start, and hopes the price could be lowered as things take shape and the business progresses.

“I hope in the future I can make it cheaper and sell much cheaper for everyone,” said Doris.

Doris gets the groomed dog fur from many places, including Jamie Calderbank.  Jamie is the owner of One Lucky Dog in St. Petersburg, Florida.  She knows that the dog hair purses aren’t for everyone.

“I think a few of them that really love their dogs would absolutely like something like that,” said Jamie.  “We have plenty of hair.  She can have all the dog hair she wants from us.”

Doris is originally from Brazil where she worked as a veterinarian and took fashion classes.  She says she created the line to combine her two passions.

“I make one with cocker spaniel and poodle.  I want to be able to build the purses and make them over here in Tampa.”

So far, Doris has raised $350 in the past week.  The deadline for funding to 100% is only 50 days away.

“I hope people who like the project can help,” said Doris.  “Any contribution is welcome.”

So, it begs the question, would you carry a $1,000 handbag made from recycled dog hair?