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Rapist Busted by Sperm-sniffing Police Dog


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Swedish regional newspaper Sydöstran has reported an arrest in the case of a man accused of sexual assault in a city park, and you may be surprised to learn how he was caught.

The 23-year-old man was arrested and charged with rape by police who employed the skills of a canine with highly specialized training: K9 officer Rapports Opus, a sperm detection dog, is credited with discovering key evidence in the case.

According to Sydöstran, the perpetrator is charged with physically forcing a woman to perform oral sex on him in a Karlskrona park. Investigating officers note that Rapports Opus found traces of semen at the scene of the crime. Samples sent for analysis matched the suspect’s DNA.

“The technical evidence is very good,” prosecutor Mårten Alvinsson told Sydöstran.

Rapports Opus spent a year in training before graduating from the dog academy in August 2010. “He’s the only dog in southern Sweden specialized in tracking sperm,” said his trainer, B-G Carlsson.