Reader Rescues: Jack the Blind Beagle

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In October of last year, a friend on Facebook posted a picture of a beagle that needed rescue. The Decatur County Animal Shelter in Indiana came across him at Cottonwood Lake. After time, no one seemed interested in adopting Jack, so Beagle Buddies Rescue Group stepped up. He wasn’t an ordinary dog, he had special needs. He had only 1 eye, (the other was surgically removed sometime in the past). He was completely blind in his remaining eye. He had a broken hip and needed surgery. He could not bear weight on his leg, so he held it up while walking on 3 legs. Despite all of this, he was a HAPPY dog! I saw a video of him on Facebook, and his tail was constantly wagging.

We already had a 10 year old beagle, and had been thinking for a long while that we wanted another. I thought Jack would be perfect because he wasn’t a high energy puppy. He would fit right in with a senior dog. My 4 year old daughter and I met him at his foster parents’ home and fell in love. Soon enough, Jack was on his way to his furever home. After giving him plenty of love and affection, he began to trust our voices to guide him. Within a day or two, he responded to his name and learned his way around our house. At first he would prance around timidly, but now he can navigate every turn and corner without even brushing up against anything! We made a faux staircase out of boxes so Jack could reach our high bed. I patted the steps while I called his name, and praised him while he jumped up onto the bed. It literally only took Jack one try to learn to use the steps (while only using 3 legs!)

We immediately got his needed hip surgery. Within weeks he was walking on all fours, and soo happy to do so!  It brought our family great joy to see him running around the backyard and through the snow! This Spring he became ill so we scheduled to have his other eye removed (pressure made it painful for him), and during the pre-op work they discovered his liver enzymes were 10x higher than normal. After many tests and a lengthy hospital stay, his diagnosis was Hepatitis. We also discovered he has Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He received wonderful care from his veterinarian, Dr. Amy Smith, and soon he was feeling well enough to proceed with the eye removal surgery.

Here is a pic of my sweet Jack I took today. He is 1 week post-op from his eye surgery.

Already blind, he is recovering quite well. It is hard to believe that someone loved this dog at one time and quit doing so. He is AMAZING!!!! So sweet and content just to be laying by your side.

We get a lot of comments that Jack is so lucky to be adopted by a wonderful family that cares for him..We feel like we are the lucky ones. Jack has had a hard life, but he doesn’t show it. When he gets knocked down, he always gets back up; with his tail wagging and an extended paw swiping at your side to pet him. If anyone is thinking about adopting, I highly recommend a rescue group. Jack has required a lot of medical care, but our expense has been minimal. A lot of his care was paid for with donations the rescue group raised. They also paid for his initial vetting including heartworm tests, neutering, shots, etc… Rescue dogs often have had rough lives, so they crave love and affection. They make great family pets!

The Stearns Family
Franklin, Indiana

59 thoughts on “Reader Rescues: Jack the Blind Beagle”

  1. Our humans had a cockapoo who lost both of his eyes to extremely painful glaucoma too, a year apart for the surgeries. He also had a bad back hip. He did great being blind until the family moved to a new home with lots of stairs and very confusing floor plans to him. He was 13 at the time. He didn’t do as well but still managed with lots of help from the family.

    God bless you for giving Jack a wonderful life.

    Happy Memorial Day!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

    • I know the feeling of being the blessed and fortunate one when a pet adoption occurs. All of my animals have been a wondrous blessing to me. I am also stymied, as are you, that someone stopped loving your remarkable dog. Given that I believe that God brings animals and people together for a reason, however, I am glad he’s with you no matter how he arrived. You belong with him and he with you. You saw past injury and disability into the heart of the dog. God bless you all and may he live a long and happy life with you!

  2. I had a cocker spaniel that lost both of her eyes to glacoma 6 months apart. She did great! She used to chase our foster kittens, pick them up and carry them around like a momma cat! It wasn’t until she got older and her hearing got bad that she started to have trouble. We were blessed to have her around to show us the courage & strength us humans sometimes forget. I miss you Holly, Holly, no eyebally!

  3. Bless you for loving a special “special needs” dog like Jack. I recently lost my very elderly gentleman dog. He wasn’t “special needs” except for being old and on several medications for low thyroid and COPD. He was arthritic and hard of hearing and also didn’t see all that well from old age. I miss him bunches.

  4. Blindness doesn’t have to be a problem for dogs, as this story would prove. We had a Pomeranian that went blind from Diabetes. You never would have been able to tell. She knew where everything was in her little world, and got around fine. In return, you get an extra sweet friend who knows how much you love them for helping them adjust :).

  5. We too have a beagle and a long hair doxie mix. Mix with what?? who knows and who cares! Both of these babies control our house and hearts. They are not special needs and are both still young. I want to thank you for your story and opening your heart and home to Jack. Gotta love a beagle 🙂


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