Rescue Dog and Toddler Have the BEST Time Together!

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This is Charlotte and her rescue dog, Zoe.  She loves to play outside on the patio with her human sister.  These two have the best time winding each other up and the proof is in the laughter.

41 thoughts on “Rescue Dog and Toddler Have the BEST Time Together!”

    • Sweet … Three Basset hounds since I was as small as the little lady.
      Wendy, Heather, Sir Archibald Hooter de Vagabond Hershey Bar III. All of them were incredible pets, very protective of children, playful and each had a personality all their own. Take Archie my last one … he would not come unless … you used his full name.

  1. This is so beautiful. The dog knows to brake before crashing onto her too. So cute to see the care with which she plays with her human


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