Rescue Dog Dies At the Hands of an 11-year-old Boy

by Katherine

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For any parent, finding out your child has gone down the wrong path is a hard blow to take, but learning that your 11-year-old son stabbed and killed the family pet is just devastating.

An unidentified family from Middleburg, Fla., is struggling to understand why their 11-year-old son decided to end “Jade’s” life. Jade was a seven-month-old female, rescue dog.



For three weeks, the family, including the young boy, searched for the pet to no avail, only to discover that the young man had stabbed the dog and then buried it in the backyard.

“There was a hole there, and a bag sticking out of it,” the young boy’s mother told First Coast News. “I just slowly pieced together the pieces. As a mother and a rescuer it’s so, like I said I cry all the time.”

The boy confessed and his mother turned him to authorities. The child has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty and was taken to the Juvenile Detention Center.

The adult woman had been doing animal rescue work for four years and had not experienced this type of issues with family members.

The family is undergoing counseling and the child has a pending psychological evaluation.