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Rescue Dog Saves Owner More than Once


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louieJudith Shaw rescued Louie, a Yorkshire Terrier, from a shelter four years ago and he has more than returned the favor ever since. Shaw has trained Louie to hit a panic button that calls for help when Judith is in trouble. Louie has successfully called for help twice now when Judith was in need of help.

Shaw recently blacked out after suffering from pain in her chest and back. When she came to Louie was by her side and had already pressed the emergency button on the floor. He was yelping into an intercom that connected to a hotline for care services.

With Louie’s quick actions help was on the scene within minutes. This isn’t the first and only way Louie has helped Judith since she rescued him. Last year Louie used the panic button to call for help when Judith slipped coming out of the shower.

Shaw also suffers from anxiety attacks and Louie helps comfort her and calm her down.

“When I’m having a panic attack, he just nudges into me to let me know he’s there and that manages to calm me down,” said Shaw.

Louie, who is now 11-years-old, has been by Shaw’s side for the past four years. Shaw can’t imagine not having him by her side.

“He’s my light and day, my little hero,” said Shaw. “He’s always beside me whenever I need him. He’s more than just a dog and as essential to me as a guide dog is to a blind person. My love for him is what keeps me going.”