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Rescue Group Captures Elusive Runaway Stray

by Katherine

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Many stray dogs prove to be difficult to rescue, but with an organized rescue plan and a lot of patience, even the most elusive dog is successfully trapped.

Duck Team 6 (DT6), a Dallas organization that helps save street dogs, learned of a sick dog living on the street that needed medical attention and they headed out to rescue and help the dog. What they didn’t know was that the injured pet had been previously helped by another organization and the pet had run away.

Pumpkin/Ellie. Photo Credit: Duck Team 6
Pumpkin/Ellie. Photo Credit: Duck Team 6


DT6 dubbed the dog Pumpkin. Two of their volunteers, Leah and Cindy, hit the streets armed with a net, to capture and help the pet.

Pumpking was found in Southmayd, Texas. As soon as she was secured the volunteers drove her to a vet. There, they learned the dog suffered from entropion, a condition where a portion of the eyelid is folds inward, forcing the lashes to rub against the eye, irritating it.

Rescuers also discovered the injured street dog had a microchip. The chip had been registered about 87 miles away from where the dog was found in a Fort Worth shelter.

It turned out that Pumpkin’s real name was Ellie, and she had been pulled from the Fort Worth shelter by rescue organization Cody’s Friends. However, this elusive dog had run away from her rescuers.

DT6 contacted Cody’s Friends and told founder Tina Austin, that Ellie was a bit sick but safe. Austin couldn’t believe the news. Ellie had been missing since April, after the dog ran away from Tina’s Richardson home.

Richardson and Southmayd are about 58 miles apart. What’s so surprising is that Ellie, the escape artist, had ran away from Austin’s home on two occasions. The first time, the run away dog was captured soon after she took off, but the second time, Ellie seemed to have run away for good. Austin thought she would never see Ellie again, until DT6 called.

The reunion between Ellie and Austin was an emotional one. See pictures of it on DT6’s Facebook page.

If you’d like to make a donation for Ellie’s care, you can do so using here.