Rescue Group Confronts Woman at Her Home Over Leaving Dog Outside All the Time

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Social media strikes again!  This time, thanks to tons of posts of a picture of a rather sad looking pit bull left outdoor in a wire cage.  The dog’s location was discovered, and all of the angry posts on sites like Facebook and Twitter prompted a local pit bull rescue group to go to the person in question’s home and confront her over it.

Needless to say, the woman was not too pleased about Fighting for the Bully’s Pit Bull Rescue showing up to her home.  The group based out of Knoxville, Tennessee, and after they caught wind of what was going on and saw everyone on the internet getting upset about the treatment of the dog.  According to the woman’s neighbors, the dog is left outside, always.

“We all have pets and we love our dogs like they’re family, and this dog is clearly not being cared for. This dog is being kept outside in a tiny crate the size of its body,” said Vanessa Curley.  Curley is one of the neighbors of this woman.

When members of the rescue group asked her about it, all she said was, “She’s not beaten. She’s not starved. None of that. So, I can’t leave her in the cage outside when I leave?”

After that, the rescue group members asked if they could take the dog away, and she got even more upset with them.

“No, you’re not gonna take my (expletive) dog. I’ve paid 500 dollars for my dog,” she said.

The rescue group wasn’t please with that answer, and now seem to be on a mission to get the dog away from this person.  They’ve been instructed to file a lawsuit against the woman in question, so that a judge will be obligated to do a full investigation into any abuse or neglect that may be going on.  The police has responded to calls regarding the dog, and have seen no signs of abuse yet.  The woman has since brought the dog inside, and according to reports, the dog has not been left outdoors.


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5 thoughts on “Rescue Group Confronts Woman at Her Home Over Leaving Dog Outside All the Time”

  1. I hope she didn’t take her anger out on the poor dog, bcoz they came to her house & confronted her. And you’re right it’s probably still stuck in that small cage in a back room with the door shut because she’s too lazy to potty train it. Why the H do people get dogs if they’re not going to love and care for them properly? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Notice how she has air in her home!!? She should not be allowed to own ANY animal!!! Poor thing does not even have a soft pad or anything to lay on. Shame on her!

  3. These people slam you for everything! She can sue them for harassment, and possibly get them on trespassing. Dogs don’t build houses or make fire, so what logical reason do they have for saying that dogs are meant to live inside? As for being “too lazy” to train or housebreak the dog, you still have to train an outside dog, and frankly, some, no matter how much effort you put into them, will still constantly go wherever, whenever they want. Not long ago all dogs lived outside, and you can see the exact time people started bringing them inside is the exact time the fatal dog bites began rising from one a year to more than you can count. No good comes from trying to make them something they’re not. They are dogs, not humans in fur coats.


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