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Rescue of Seven Dogs Sparks Stiffer Penalties for Dog Abusers in Georgia

by Fred

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Seven dogs were taken off of a property in South Fulton County in Georgia after being found to be living in the most terrible of conditions.  The seven dogs are in great shape today thanks to the Fulton County Shelter and its amazing staff, and are ready for adoption right now!

The rescue all started with a phone call.  Fulton County Animal Services Director Lara Hudson said that someone called in about a dog left tethered constantly to a tree, which is illegal in South Fulton.  Hudson said that when investigators arrived, what they saw was nothing short of horrific.

“It looked like they had been there for quite a while,” said Hudson.  “There was feces stacked on top of [itself], bowls overturned.  It’s textbook animal neglect and cruelty.”

Hudson also said that it was clear that this had been going on for a very long time.

“This didn’t happen overnight,” said Hudson.  “This wasn’t a case of someone just forgot to clean a cage, or a couple days went by where the animals weren’t taken out of the cage.”

Lifeline Animal Project’s Karen Hirsch said, “It makes us heartsick.”  Lifeline operates the shelters in Fulton and DeKalb counties.  “It’s hard to look at, to see these innocent animals being treated cruelly.”

As mentioned before, the dogs rescued are in very good health today.  All are ready to be adopted, however that’s not exactly where his story ends.  Remember when we mentioned that tethering is illegal in Fulton County?  Well, there have also been expanded sentencing capabilities given to judges in the counties all over Georgia to help combat this almost epidemic of animal abuse and neglect in all of America today.  In fact, according to Hirsch, the new regulations on abuse and neglect can allow a judge to tell someone that they are NEVER allowed to have animals of any kind in their care ever again.