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Rescue Team Saves Dog with Broken Leg

by Katherine

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A mountain rescue team rescued an injured, lurcher-saluki cross male dog near a Second World War memorial on Buckden Pike in the Yorkshire Dales. It is believed the dog broke one of its legs after chasing a rabbit and falling at the summit of a 2,264 ft peak.

Based on the physical condition the dog was found, rescuers concluded the dog, named Wufra, was hurt and awaiting rescue for almost a month.

Wufra after being rescued
Wufra after being rescued. Photo Credit: Ross Parry

“He was happy to see us,” Andy Jackson told Mirror News. “He just had nothing in him. There was a lot of bone. He was obviously a thin dog anyway, but it looked like he hadn’t eaten.”

Wufra was discovered by a female hiker who was close to the summit. The hiker contacted mountain rescuers and a team was gathered to rescue the pet.

Jackon says the pet probably survived all those days without food or water because he fell on the side of the mountain that shielded him from extreme weather.

A stretcher and a casualty bag were used in the rescue to bring Wufra to safety.

“He was quite happy to be picked up, kept warm and seemed to enjoy his trip down in the stretcher,” said Jackson.

Wufra was taken to The Dog People, a canine training business in Grassington. There he will recover and hopefully be reunited with his owner.

However, if no one comes forward to claim him, The Dog People are ready to make Wufra part of their pack.