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Rescued Pit Bull Pays it Forward


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A former stray from Lafayette, Indiana is melting hearts and helping humans to heal – thanks in part to an innovative new program for bully breeds. Five-year-old Lilac is a graduate of the bully breed program at the Almost Home Humane Society. The program focuses on breeds subject to a bad reputation, and as an ambassador, Lilac is proof positive that stereotypes are meant to be broken.

lilacLess than a year ago she was still wandering the streets, unwanted and uncared for. Owner Carolyn Butera met her at the Lafayette shelter and fell in love. Butera said her temperament made her a perfect candidate for therapy work. “She’s gentle. She listens very well. They are very obedient dogs,” Butera said.

Butera’s initial assessment of Lilac could not have been more accurate. The rescued dog now spends her days giving back to mankind and doing wonders to change perceptions of pit bulls in her local community. She regularly visits hospitals and schools, participates in agility and obedience competitions, and is in the process of being certified by the Dog Scouts of America.

Today’s video report follows Lilac as she visits a special education class, helping students to relax, gain confidence, and improve social skills. Feedback from the students she touches is overwhelmingly positive, and Lilac seems to truly enjoy her work, sneaking in kisses on the sly when nobody is looking. Once homeless and now a healer, the kind, gentle canine serves as a wonderful example of what’s possible when people set aside preconceived notions of dog breeds, and her sweet disposition endears her to all who meet her.

“Everybody has a smile on their face. No one is frowning when she comes around, which is good,” Butera said.