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Rescuing Joe Dirt from Life on the Streets

by Katherine

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For the past month, neighbors and animal lovers in Modesto, Calif., have tried to rescue a stray dog living in a dirt field near the 35-acre field at Oakdale Road and Floyd Avenue, but so far their efforts have failed.

Photo Credit: Sabrina Pittman
Photo Credit: Sabrina Pittman

The elusive, tan-colored pooch has been named Joe Dirt, and somehow he has survived life on the field by drinking water from puddles and eating whatever food he finds.

Locals have grown attached to him and have made numerous attempts to rescue him, but the pooch continues to be on the run. For now, animal lovers visit the field and drop off food, water and blankets, trying to help Joe Dirt survive.

Animal Control has been involved with the rescue efforts, but like the concerned locals, they too have failed. They’ve tried corralling the dog, luring him to humane traps baited with food, and have even tried tranquilizing the pet, but nothing seems to work and Joe Dirt continues to live as a stray.

Since the last time rescuers tried to capture the pet by tranquilizing him, Joe Dirt moved away from the empty field and into the area around Ustach Middle School, but he has grown more elusive and his sightings have decreased.

His want-to-be rescuers continue their search and rescue attempts. They leave food out for him and constantly look for the pet. They hope Joe Dirt will soon get off the dangerous roads and move into a safe, forever home of his own.

We hope to update you soon with news that this lovable stray dog has been captured and rescued.