Disfigured Dog Confiscated from Backyard Breeder is Adopted by the Woman Who Saved Her

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598814 229604880493820 1580538486 nUpdate (7/10/12): Rosie has been adopted by her rescuer. Cinnamon Muhlbauer fell for the suffering dog and decided that given her history, she deserved a lifetime of love and adoration – so she’s keeping her.  “Rosie will need special care throughout her life, but she is worth the extra effort,” Muhlbauer said in an interview with Dogster.

On June 20th, a disfigured dog was rescued from a backyard breeder. Almost unrecognizable as a dog, Rosie’s shocking appearance is the result of unscrupulous breeding practices.

From her Facebook fan page:

Rosie was liberated from a Woodland Hills, CA backyard breeder/hoarder on June 20, 2012.

Rosie was born on Valentine’s Day 2010 – hard to believe she is not very old – but she is the victim of greedy and unethical behavior by a backyard breeder and dog hoarder in Woodland Hills, CA. Of all the dogs rescues workers got out of there, Rosie is in the worst shape.

I know that some find Rosie hard to look at right now – trust me when I say she is stunning on the inside. And, she has spirit, after all she survived two years of neglect in a filthy crowded house, so given the opportunity to thrive imagine what she can do. She is getting that chance because someone cared enough to contact me about her, I was crazy enough to respond, and hundreds of others have stepped up to send love, prayers, money for vet bills, and ideas on what I can do to help her.

This page is about her but it is also about me – Cinnamon Muhlbauer. Who am I? Why should you trust me with Rosie? That is not an easy question to answer because I can’t be everything to everybody – I can only be who I am – and that is a quirky, aging rocker chick, vegetarian that was born in CA, lived in WA for awhile, and now rents a house on a horse rescue ranch in the Santa Monica mountains of Malibu.

I suck at housebreaking or basic training of dogs but excel at nursing, rehabbing and providing care for the ones like Rosie. Google me, FB me, check me out on Linked In…I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done, I’m only ashamed of things I did not do, like smack the woman who did this to Rosie.

Finally, about the Chip In for Rosie. This is the first time I’ve raised funds for one of my rescues. I initially asked that donations be sent to Malibu Vet http://www.facebook.com/MalibuVetClinic?ref=ts for the Rosie fund but after so many people asked for a chip in, I set it up. Getting Rosie started on the new life is the easy part. Her long-term care is what concerns me and why I asked for help.

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Her teeth will need to be cleaned at least every month and must be done by a non-anesthetic process. Her little bent legs could benefit from physical therapy and I would like to give her that chance. All of her bills will be posted here. I will keep everyone updated and my vet knows her information is open to anyone wishing to have it. Any questions, any comments, any suggestions, please email me, I am happy to answer!