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Restaurants in Sweden Make Special Dog Menu to Be More Inclusive

by Fred

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A group of restaurant owners in Sweden has come up with a great idea to bring in more customers to their dining establishments.  They’ve adopted a new dog menu, complete with beverages, with the hopes of making eating out an event that the entire family can enjoy together.

There will be a number of places with the new food items available.  Each item will be about 50 SEK, which comes to about $6.  Offerings include things like cod and organic beef entrees.  There are even going to be doggy-beer options as well!

The gourmet dog meals are coming from a luxury pet food company called Wonderboo.  They’ll even be making meals specifically geared to puppies and younger dogs, too.

“For a couple of years we’ve allowed dogs into our restaurants.  The next step was to offer water bowls, and now we also offer a special dog menu,” said restaurant owner Tobias Hamberg.  “Most dogs prefer the beef, and they usually take their meals on the floor near to the feet of their owners.”

Being able to dine with your dog in a restaurant isn’t exactly the newest idea, but an entire menu specially made for dogs just might be.  And why not?  It’s an entirely untapped market!  More people everywhere are taking their dogs with them almost wherever they go, so a move like this just makes good business sense.

“Food service is a very competitive market.  We always need to find a new ways to make competitive offers for our customers,” said Hamberg.  “At the moment we just allow dogs, but who knows?  In the future we might build restaurants just for animals!”
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