Retired Police Officer Spends Her Life Savings Trying to Help Two Homeless Pit Bulls

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6.8.16 - Retired Police Officer Spends Life Savings Trying to Help Two Homeless Pit Bulls2


Bonnie and Clyde were found running down a Tennessee highway while their owners were cooking up a batch of meth at a nearby hotel.  Officer Parker saved the dogs and got custody of the deeply bonded pair, but she’s not allowed to have them where she lives.  She’s spent all the money she saved for a house to board them so they aren’t put down, and is really hoping someone will adopt them.

“I promised them I wouldn’t let anything bad happen to them,” Parker said, and “I would never separate them.”

She wouldn’t be able to if she tried.  They whimper any time they’re apart, and when one was crated, the other would immediately squeeze in.  If Bonnie takes a bath, Clyde hops in with her.  One won’t eat without the other.  They clean each other’s faces, kiss one another’s bellies, massage each other, and sleep curled into each other.


6.8.16 - Retired Police Officer Spends Life Savings Trying to Help Two Homeless Pit Bulls3


“If they had to live without each other, Bonnie and Clyde would wilt away and die. They’d grieve themselves to death,” Parker explained.

She’s seen a lot of horrific things in her time on the force, but she believes that the tenderness shared between Bonnie and Clyde have added years to her life.  She wishes that she could keep them, but the rental homes in her area don’t allow pit bulls, and she has spent around $15,000 – her savings – keeping them in boarding.


6.8.16 - Retired Police Officer Spends Life Savings Trying to Help Two Homeless Pit Bulls4


So far, Parker has received over a dozen applications to adopt, but only a handful of them were serious (some were actually from dog fighters).  Two potential adoptions fells through because of pit bull bans, and the rest of the applicants hung up on her when she informed them that she’d need to do a home visit.

These two have never shown any aggression, and get along with cats, but are selective about them.  They’re only three years old, and are very gentle, so they would likely do well even in families with small children.  They are spayed and neutered and on flea and heartworm preventative.

If you cannot adopt Bonnie and Clyde but would like to help, you can donate to via PayPal using the email address [email protected], or directly to the fundraiser page.  You can reach Officer Parker at that email address to inquire about adopting, or call her at 423-278-4622.  Though a home visit would need to be conduction, she is willing to transport them.

6.8.16 - Retired Police Officer Spends Life Savings Trying to Help Two Homeless Pit Bulls1

8 thoughts on “Retired Police Officer Spends Her Life Savings Trying to Help Two Homeless Pit Bulls”

  1. The problem with you morons is that you care only about your self and the hell with every one and every thing. Check Genesis in the Bible, all animals were to be cared for by mankind. I found myself in a similar situation but through the help of others, every thing work out in the end.

  2. The list of people interested couldn’t have sounded any more sketchy. I’m glad she is doing her due diligence.. But It’s awful the type of characters that tend to seek out Pitbulls. It’s no wonder this breed has had a bad stigma yet when properly cared for can be wonderful dogs.

  3. She is not the first or only person to give up everything to ensure a better life for God’s creatures. If more people would help, it wouldn’t have to be that way.

  4. I agree about the Go Fund Me. She might gather enough to buy a home where she can live peacefully with these wonderful, sweet dogs. She and they so deserve it. I will happily donate and I know many others would too. ! My love and kisses to Bonnie and Clyde.

  5. Every time I see an animal rescue story with a happy ending, I am convinced that a prayer is being answered.

  6. Please go to Fund Me and do everything in your power to keep these lovely dogs. I too will donate. It sickens me every time I read a story of this nature. Breed banning of any kind should be outlawed and these laws need to change now.

  7. It doesn’t take long before you have spent a small fortune. The vet bills can mount up rapidly. I know only too well. My son became aware of a dog very much in need of help . She was unable to stand or walk. She was dragging herself by her front legs to try and get a drink of water. He could not just stand by and watch as this dog was going to die without the proper treatment. He put the dog in his back seat and brought to our home. According to our Vet she had been hit with a 2×4 which crushed her hip socket. We know this because the force of the blow left the exact imprint of the board visible in the x-ray. The Vet did surgery to save the dogs leg. To our Vets surprise this 120# dog, which he said would probably never walk normal again, was able to not only walk, but run jump and play. Sooooo one Vet visit, one surgery and a lot of money, endless love and attention from our entire family (my son even sleeping on the dog bed with her) later her muscles and tendons were holding her leg in place just like new. The money meant nothing to us compared to the love and affection she gave our entire family. She was our 4 legged child., Love you Baby C and rest in peace.


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