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Reunions: Lost Dog Missing for Five Years Returned to Family


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five year reunion

Five years after he disappeared without a trace, a San Diego dog has found his way home.

Scott Alix lost his dog five years ago and always hoped to find Mikey Brown, his terrier mix, one day. That day came last month when he received a call from the San Diego Humane Society telling him that his dog had been located.

Alix said he’s not sure how Mikey Brown lost his way, but does remember his pooch taking off to get hotdogs from a nearby deli.

“One day someone intercepted him, and he never came back,” said Alix.

The terrier mix wasn’t alone for long. According to Alix, he was cared for by a woman for the past five years. She recently died, and thanks to the microchip implanted in his dog, Alex and Mikey Brown were finally reunited.

Alix and his two sons have welcomed Mikey Brown back into their Mission Hills home with open arms. “He was my first son. I had him before I had my two sons,” Alix said.

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