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Reward Offered for Dog Stolen with Car

by Melanie

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3.28.14 - Owner Missing Stolen Dog1

A man is offering a $1,000 reward for the return of his missing dog, Miles.  The Cocker Spaniel-Papillon rescue dog was in the backseat of Larry Burgoon’s 2014 black Honda Civic when it was stolen from an Orange, California gas station.  The man doesn’t care about the car, he just wants his dog back.

Burgoon was on his way to work on Wednesday and stopped at a Chevron for coffee around 4:45 am.  He regretfully left the keys in the ignition, and seconds later, thieves made off with his car.

Moments after Burgoon pulled up, a newer white Ford F-150 pickup truck pulled into the station.  A woman acted as a lookout while one of the two men inside of the truck got into the Honda and took off.

3.28.14 - Owner Missing Stolen Dog3

“I did a double take,” Burgoon said.  “I go, ‘Where’s my car?’”

“I go, ‘Ma’am, my dog is in there.’” I opened the door and told the clerk, ‘Call police, they stole my car with the dog in there, I gotta find Miles.’”

This dog means the world to Burgoon and his fiancée.  They even postponed their wedding when Miles collapsed and needed to undergo life-saving surgery.  He says the dog is “like my son.”

“We postponed our wedding to get Miles well. Now he’s 100 percent today,” Burgoon said. “He took somebody we love, Miles, and we’re just asking for Miles back.”

3.28.14 - Owner Missing Stolen Dog2

The police are searching for the three people involved in the theft.  The first is a white or Latino man with a shaved head, who at the time was wearing tan pants and a black sweatshirt.  The woman is either white or Latina with long dark hair, and was wearing blue jeans and a black sweatshirt.  The third person could not be seen on the surveillance video.

Anyone with information should please call the Orange Police Department at 714-744-7444.

“I’m not worried about the vehicle,” Burgoon said. “I’m worried about getting Miles back.  The car, the contents of the car, they’re replaceable. Miles is not.”