Reward Offered to Find Killer of Dog by Fireworks

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7.11.13 - Firework KillingThe Humane Society of the United States is offering a reward to bring in the individual(s) responsible for the grisly torture of a dog in Elkhart, Indiana on July 5.

Elkhart County Humane Society Director Anne Reel reported that children threw a lit firework at a one-year-old female pit bull. She picked it up and it exploded in her mouth. Her face was so badly disfigured that she had to be euthanized.

This is not uncommon that small minded individuals (adults and children) throw fireworks at animals,” Reel said. “Yesterday as I was walking my dog in a local city park, I witnessed a teenage girl throw a firework at a group of geese.”

It was a terrible, terrible injury, one that we could not save her life. There was absolutely nothing we could do for this animal,” Reel said. “You would think people would have common sense. You’ve got this explosive device and you’re going to throw it at a person or an animal? … That’s just cruel.”

Elkhart police are investigating the matter, which happened in the 1200 block of South Main Street. Anyone with information is urged to call (574) 295-7070, or visit their website

The HSUS is offering a $5,000 reward for the identification, arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible.

This defenseless puppy suffered a terrifying and painful death, and there is absolutely no excuse for such a depraved act of cruelty,” said Erin Huang, the HSUS Indiana state director. “We hope that this reward will bring forward anyone with information about this heinous crime.”


Children learn how to think, feel and act based on what they observe from those around them. Cruelty witnessed and endured is cruelty ingrained and espoused.

If you ever witness an act of cruelty or neglect, do not be afraid to speak up. You must suffer the discomfort and find the courage to report neighbors and loved ones for the sake of those who cannot speak for themselves. Please share these messages.



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  1. Children and fireworks, never the twain shall meet. Children have an almost irresistible urge to blow something up with their fireworks, much like the urge men get to kill something with their rifles. Exactly the same.

    When will people “get it?”

  2. Remember horseback riding as a teenager going to the saddle club meeting and being on a paved road in the middle of town when some idiot threw fireworks under our horses- thank goodness you could shoot off of any of them- think it scared me more than them but what would the result have been it it went their way- someone would have been thrown and killed on the concrete- the horse hit by a car or the train that came by right after the incident- Oh, and this guy was from a”good family” and later became a teacher here!

  3. Kids seem to be lacking empathy….something learned at a very early age. Where are “we” failing as parents and grandparents?
    So many kids never get of a computer long enough to learn about the real world.

    As for those advocating “an eye for an eye “, it won’t solve the problem.

  4. I’d like to know the ages of these ‘children’ that did this. A 5-year old should not be handling fireworks, and a 12-year old should know better… I will never understand how people can be so cruel.


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