Road Worker in Detroit Hears Whimpering, Rescues Dog from Burned Out Building

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Mark Mangan was working near a burned out home in Detroit, Michigan when he heard a strange noise coming from that direction.  As he got nearer to what was left of the building, the noise got louder, and Mangan quickly figured out what the noise was and from where it was coming.  He went in and rescued a dog from the basement.

This wasn’t as easy as it sounds.  The building was almost completely destroyed, burnt to barely a frame of a structure.  The area was no place for anyone to be, let alone a scared, injured dog in need of some rescue.  No one is really sure how the dog ended up there in the first place.

“It was creepy, so creepy,” Mangan said.  “It was scary.  We crawled through a four-by-four hole of a burnt out house.”

Mangan and crew weren’t expecting to find what they did, and it gave them quite a start.

“That’s what scared us,” he said.  “We didn’t expect an animal to be staring back at us.”

After getting the dog out of the burned out home, Mangan called Terry Sumpter with the Detroit Pit Crew Rescue.  Sumpter came out to bring the dog to Center Line Veterinary Hospital, where he is receiving critical care.  If there’s an update in his condition, we’ll have the story right here on Life With Dogs.