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Sad Note = Compelling Story, But Shelter Staffers Want You To Know That Every Animal Has A Story

by Amy Drew

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When Buddy’s story was shared, the shelter received a flurry of applications. Staffers would love to see every resident’s story end with “happily ever after.” Photo: Henry County Humane Society


According to the note found with Buddy, his owner(s) “loved and cherished” him, but they were clearly unable to keep him.

He was found in a small cage outside of the still-under-construction Henry County Humane Society in Geneseo, IL. The letter, as reported by the Geneseo Republic, was heart-crushing.

“Hi, my name is Buddy. I have all my shots. I took flea medication today. I have outgrown the apartment I live in and need a new home with a big yard to run in and (I) am amazing with children. It is very hard for me to leave a home where I am very loved and cherished, but I hope I can bring joy to my new family.”

Since his story hit the Web, the shelter has received so many applications for Buddy, they stopped taking them. It’s the sort of problem, of course, they wish all their residents would get.



In a Facebook post shared last Saturday, the shelter said that it hoped the Goldendoodle’s viral tale would help highlight the needs of all Buddy’s current sheltermates who also need forever homes.

We’re hoping they empty all their kennels and cages, so if you live in the area — pay them a visit! If not, perhaps share the post. 🙂