San Antonio Women Rescue Duct Taped Dog Thrown In Trash

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When two Good Samaritans from San Antonio, Texas, saw a man and a woman get out of their car and dump something in a trash container they thought nothing of it, but minutes later they heard howling coming from the bin and they knew something was wrong. Patricia and Tracy approached the container and when they looked inside, they found a three-year-old male Shepherd with all four legs tied with duct tape abandoned in the trash.


Immediately, Patricia jumped into the trash container and retrieved the abused canine.

The women contacted local police and filed and animal abuse report, then they took the dog to San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS).

At the Human Society, the dog was named Oscar and he was checked by a veterinarian. Miraculously, the pet did not suffer any injuries. He was scared and in shock, but over all in good health.

San Antonio police are now looking for the two suspects who carelessly threw away the innocent pet. If you have any information, please contact the San Antonio Police.

Oscar is safe under the care of SAHS. He will be available for adoption in a few days. For more information, visit