Saving Sheba from Parvo and a Broken Heart

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Felines & Canines, a Chicago based no-kill animal shelter, rescued Sheba on July 5, 2014, after they successfully placed many of their own animals in forever homes on July 4th. When they met Sheba, their hearts broke and they new they had to pull her and try to save her.

“[Sheba was surrendered by her ‘guardians’ in mid-June to a local intake facility when they decided to move and not take her with,” said Kelly Thompson from Felines & Canines. “The stress and sadness took an immediate toll on her and she became very ill. When we saw her in her kennel, she was struggling to stand, hadn’t eaten in three days, and couldn’t stop shaking or vomiting.”

Photo Credit: Felines & Canines
Photo Credit: Felines & Canines


Once the organization rescued the heart broken and ill canine, she was seen by a veterinarian and hospitalized right away. After running some tests, it was discovered the dog suffers from Parvo and requires a blood transfusion to save her life.

According to Thompson, when they met Sheba there was an immediate strong connection. Even though she was extremely ill, she wagged her tail and just wanted to be held.

“Sheba deserved so much better than what her people gave her,” said Thompson. “We’re determined to get her healthy and place her with a family who will love her forever.”

The organization is hoping the medical attention they are giving Sheba will help her fight the disease, giving her a second chance at happiness. For a pet who was once a family member, dying of a broken heart is no way to end.

If you would like to help Sheba please consider making an online donation at For more information on Sheba, check Felines & Canines’ website or Facebook page.