Schoep’s Laser Treatment

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John and Schoep Unger became known worldwide when a photo of John cradling his 15 year old dog in the waters of Lake Superior went viral. The loving daily sessions in the lake help relieve Schoep’s arthritis pain and let him relax.

A donor has paid for Schoep to receive laser treatments for the pain, and on Tuesday John uploaded this video of a session from last week. John said of the laser treatments, at his Schoep and John Facebook page, “I really think it’s helping. He wags his tail again, walks better and it’s easier for him to bend his head down to eat.” Schoep has also received the gift of a tempurpedic dog bed, which also aids in his comfort.

Schoep and John at the Bay Area Animal Hospital in Ashland, Wisc. with Sarah Myers, DVM. August 2012.

5 thoughts on “Schoep’s Laser Treatment”

  1. I posted the “viral” video on my Facebook page and several friends donated to Schoep’s care through the Bay Area Animal Hospital in Ashland, WI. I’m soooooo happy to see that it’s helping. Whatever we can do for our loving animal companions to make their lives easier we will do! I’m so glad Schoep is feeling better. I’m continuing to send healing energy to Schoep! Bless you, John, for giving Schoep the best life he could ever have had!

  2. John- what a kind man you must be. I am thankful that you and this precious dog found each other. You remind me of my brother-in-law and his dog from many years ago. I hope only the best for you and Schoep.

  3. You know when your throat gets kind of tight and you can’t talk and you can’t see or everything is double because of the tears? Yeah.


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