Schoolgirl Protects Street Dog From Torrential Downpour

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4.29.16 - Scholgirl3

A couple of candid photos that were taken showing a young girl in her school uniform protecting a small street dog from a torrential downpour, then using her uniform to dry the dog off have quickly gone viral.  They are quickly making their way around social media websites everywhere, and it isn’t hard to see why.

The pictures were taken in Huancayo, Peru by a bystander.  They just happened to notice that the girl in the photo had bent down to shield the dog from the rain.  They took the one photo, then as the rain started to let up, they took the next one of the girl drying the dog off.

There’s a caption that seems to be commonly associated with the photo’s posting online.  It says, “To see there are still people who care about animals fills me with happiness.  Seeing her drying the little dog with her blazer without caring what anyone thinks says a lot.  If we all followed her example, I assure you this would be a different country.”

4.29.16 - Scholgirl2

The photo has well over a thousand shares on Facebook alone, and has had over 205,000 views as well.  The photo does speak volumes about how we should all treat each other, and people across all forms of social media agree.

One person commented, “A Round of applause for you!  Carry on protecting and caring for the animals who most need it.  Blessings!”

Someone who knows the girl in the photo came across it on the internet, and tagged her in the photos saying, “Daniela Segura Morales you are amazing, we should all give love to animals like you.  You are a great example.  Congratulations on your big heart!  Animals are the angels of God.  Good vibes for you and that God blesses you in all that you do ;)”.

Several other classmates of Morales have also come forward to identify her as the girl in the picture.  She just thought she was doing the right thing, and didn’t at all assume that this small act of kindness for a dog would make her internet famous!

In fact, al she’s said in reply to her friends tagging her is, “I don’t know what to say.”