Scottish Woman Adopts 14th Rescue Dog

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Dora and a small handful of her dog pack

A Scottish pensioner, Dora Sweetman, from Dumfries, Scotland, already had thirteen rescued dogs. But when she heard the sad tale of Davie, she offered him a place in her home. Bringing her total number of rescue dogs to fourteen.

Davie is a nine year old former racing greyhound who was seriously neglected. He has scars from being beaten regularly. Davie needed extensive surgery, which has left him with no teeth and no tail. This meant he could no longer be considered a “pretty” dog, and was unlikely to be rehomed.

Dora said “He doesn’t have any teeth, tail or any naughty bits, but that doesn’t matter to me. He’s doing very well. He’s just a lovely boy.”

“Davie’s an absolute cracker. He’s settling down really well. He could do with a bit of food in him, he’s very thin,” Dora said with a smile.

Dora has a large property with a lot of land, where the dogs can exercise, run, and play as much as they wish. She loves all of her dogs and provides them with the highest level of care.

When asked about the cost involved, she exclaimed “I don’t want to think about how much it costs to keep 14 dogs because it would scare me silly!”

Davie and the thirteen other rescues all get along well. They are all good natured, placid animals thanks largely to Dora’s patience, love and nurturing. She works hard with all of her dogs to ensure that they are well behaved, well mannered, and well adjusted.

Chairman of the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue said “We are indebted to Dora for taking on poor old Davie. He is such a likeable old fellow, who is still so full of life. He loves to eat and he loves to play.”

Dora says that she simply loves dogs and wants the best for them. She hates the thought of them not finding their forever homes.

“I’ve had dogs since I was five,” says Dora. “I’m 65 now, so I’m allowed to be a little eccentric!”