Search and Rescue dog needs help

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Gage, a five-year-old search and rescue dog, has served in Iraq and spent his life helping people. Now Gage needs help. Gage has cancer and needs help affording his treatment.

Gage has been a search and rescue dog since he was six-months old. He spent a year in Iraq helping to search for and bring home missing soldiers.  He is trained as a Search and Recovery K9, Disaster Dog, Level I Area SAR dog, and HRD land and water recovery K9. On October 2nd Gage was diagnosed with cancer. “What he has is what’s called a T-cell lymphoma. Lymphoma in dogs is very treatable with chemotherapy, and the chances for several years of remission is actually decent,” said veterinarian Jennifer Bouthilet.

The agency Gage works for, K9 Emergency Response Teams, has organized a chip-in page on Facebook to help raise the funds necessary to pay for Gage’s treatments. Pfizer has offered to match any donations.  Bouthilet is hopeful for Gage’s recovery,“He’s a very talented dog and should have lots of years of service left,”

2 thoughts on “Search and Rescue dog needs help”

  1. really now!!!!! I can not believe no Vet will help this dog after he gave his life in service~what is wrong with this picture, I’ll tell u ~the ones he did service for should gladly pay for his chemo~with no questions asked…..but I’m sure they let this poor pup go when he could no longer help in the line of duty….If any only IF you have money will your dog be healed or helped….. this is really sad, just as human’s u got no insurance …tough!!!!!! Then on the other note pet insurance !!! years ago we never heard of it and if your dog already has a medical issue..oops they don’t cover…..It is really sad when the rich get richer and the needy die……

  2. So after the dog served with the MILITARY, they won’t now provide some comfort (treatment) for the animal? I’m sure there are vets in the military who would gladly treat the dog if the powers that be authorise the use of the medications! This is such a sad and pathetic indictment against the military! Kudos to the donors!


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