See A 3D Dachshund Come to Life Before Your Eyes

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drawing snake pabst painting 3d illusion
Stefan Pabst (Photo: Stefan Pabst)

No, it isn’t a live birth.  Well, actually it IS a live birth, but not the animal-kind.  Rather it is an artistic birth.  From start to finish this rendering is something to behold.  Using forced perspective, the artist, Stefan Pabst, creates an illusion that may even stump another dog.

Born in Russia, Stefan moved to Germany where he now resides in Hamburg.  He began honing his craft at the age of five when he started drawing and his work was already so good classmates requested he do their portraits.  Following doing the portrait of a friend, he took the leap and became a full time artist.  He uses a technique involving an oil dry-brush technique and special paper and has trained many artists in this unique art form.

His work is so impressive he creates works for a broad spectrum of people and organizations for both personal and commercial use.  It is easy to see why.






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