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Senior Citizen Saves Electrocuted Dog

by Katherine

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Chloe, a mixed breed dog from Nova Scotia, Canada, is lucky to be alive today. She owes her life to Henry Roach, an 88-year-old man who found the dog unconscious after the playful pet chewed through an electrical cord.

Chloe belongs to Roach’s daughter, Linda, but at the time of the accident, only Roach and the dog were at home. The elderly man went looking for the dog and found her lying on the floor foaming from the mouth. Next to the dog was a chewed up extension cord that was still connected to the wall outlet.

Henry Roach and Chloe. Photo credit: CTVNews
Henry Roach and Chloe. Photo credit: CTVNews

Thanks to a former job as a hospital orderly, Roach new the dog had been electrocuted. Without hesitation the senior man started CPR and save the family pet.

The man was shaking, but he knew he had to do whatever he could to save Chloe, and after working on the dog for a few minutes, the pet regained consciousness.

“I said, ‘Well, she’s going to live.’ Because myself, I was in bad shape. I was crying,” Roach told CTVNews.

Once Chloe seemed better Roach called his daughter and the worried pet owner rushed back home to check on her pet and take her to a vet.

The dog suffered electrical burns in her mouth and is being treated for those, but vets expect Chloe to make a full recovery.

“Thank God my father was here,” said Linda. “Because if he hadn’t been, the dog would be dead.”