Sergeant Pete Continues to Protect and Serve

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After three tours in Afghanistan, a black Lab named Pete is bringing his skills to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department.

Pete is a U.S. Marine that was trained to identify IEDs. Now after three tours he is bringing his skills to Indianapolis helping to keep the City-County Building safe. Pete works with the Marion County Sheriff’s department he patrols the building every day.

Pete is proficient in identifying 40 different types of explosives and left the Marine Corp with the rank of Sergeant. His skills and experience are impressive. “To serve three tours of duty in Afghanistan says a lot about the dog himself,” said Corporal Jeremiah Pool, Pete’s handler.

For Pete his work is what he loves to do. The Marine Corp recognized this and arranged for Pete to continue doing what he loved back in the states. Marion County paid just $5 for Pete, which helped save them thousands of dollars that they would have had to spend if they train a bomb dog. Now Pete continues to serve and protect doing what he loves to do.

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  1. Labs make such good family dogs. There are many at the shelters just waiting for a forever family. If you are looking for a dog please adopt a large lab from your local shelter…just think already potty trained.


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