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Service Dog and Teenage Owner Dress Alike for Formal Dance

by Katherine

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Erin Condrin is a 16-year-old from Australia suffering from Ehlers-Danlos, a painful genetic condition that causes her joints to dislocate multiple times a day. This teen’s days consist of constant pain but all that is made easier thanks to her service dog Lacey. The two of them are inseparable, so much that when Erin planned on what to wear for her high school’s dance formal, it was natural to include the dog and the two of them wore complimentary dresses.

Lacey is a golden Retriever who is always at hand to assist the teenager with daily tasks such as picking up dropped items, opening and closing doors, carrying objects and pressing light switches and buttons. Since meeting last year, the pair worked together training, getting to know one another and becoming best friends. For the dance, Erin planned to wear the perfect dress and because friends always include best friends in their plans, she also planned for her service dog to wear something special on that day.

The service dog wore a custom made dress from the very same fabric her owner’s dress was made of. Erin’s dress needed some alterations and the cut off fabric was enough material to make Lacey a matching skirt.

Even though the dog was not her owner’s date for the dance, and on that night Lacey stayed home and out of the dance floor, the two best friends took pre-formal pictures in their matching attire. Aren’t they adorable?

Photo credit: Woman's Weekly
Photo credit: Woman’s Weekly